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Lufthansa predicts 1,200 flights cancellations on 7 September

Thursday, September 6, 2012
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Lufthansa expects to operate only a fraction of its flights on 7 September as cabin crew plan to strike at most of its major airports in Germany throughout…

Pub crawl in Crocodile Dundee country

Thursday, September 6, 2012
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When he wasn’t wrestling crocodiles, romancing reporters and fighting criminals, there was nothing Mick “Crocodile” Dundee liked more than to kick back with a nice cool beer in the company of his mates Wally and Donk at the Walkabout Creek Hotel.

Old-school watering holes like Crocodile Dundee’s or the one in our featured image (courtesy of South Australia) are the traditional focal point of Aussie Outback towns. They’re the places where people gather to have a few beers and catch up on all the local gossip. It takes real character to live and work in as tough an environment as the Outback, so it’s no surprise to find these kinds of places stuffed with big, big personalities.

Located in remote and isolated towns, these pubs aren’t easy to visit – the Outback’s nothing if not expansive! So it’s good news that one South Australia tour company has come up with a novel way of visiting lots of them in one big hit – an Outback pub crawl (it’s a pdf).

Naturally, this is no ordinary pub crawl! Rather than hopping from bar to bar on foot, you’re transported around in a mid-sized twin-propeller aircraft (a Fairchild Metro II turbo prop, to be precise). There are stops in Marree, Innamincka, Birdsville, William Creek (home to Australia’s most isolated pub) and Glendambo.


Marree Hotel

Marree Hotel. Photo by


Cooper Creek , Innamincka

Cooper Creek , Innamincka. Photo by Ric Raftis


Birdsville Hotel

Birdsville Hotel. Photo by


William Creek Hotel

William Creek Hotel. Photo by eyeintim


Glendambo's vital statistics

Glendambo’s vital statistics. Photo by Nicolai Bangsgaard


To join in you’ll have to hand over more than a fist full of Australian dollars too. The tours cost AUS$3,100, which works out at a little over £2,000 per person. For that, you get transfers to and from Adelaide airport (where the tour starts and finishes), two nights of accommodation, all your meals and a guided tour. If you’re partaking in the “amber nectar” – and let’s face it, you will – you’ll need to bring beer money too.


Sunset on the Flinders Ranges

Sunset on the Flinders Ranges. Photo by Bookabee Tours Australia


Cooper Creek

The Coongie Lakes wetland system lies on the floodplain of Cooper Creek. Photo by Ric Raftis


Lake Eyre, Australia's largest lake

Lake Eyre, Australia’s largest lake. Photo by Steve Shattuck


Given how much it costs, it’s good to know the tour isn’t limited to just pubs and their towns. The pilots also fly you nice and low over several scenic spots such as the Flinders Ranges (described as South Australia’s backbone), the Coongie Lakes (a protected wetland) and Lake Eyre (Australia’s largest lake, famous for teeming with bird life).


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Candylands – sweet, sweet theme parks in the USA

Thursday, September 6, 2012
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Have you seen the episode of The Simpsons called The Land of Chocolate? It’s the one where Homer skips with reckless abandon through a place made entirely of candy, all the while chomping on buildings and creatures along the way.

The scene’s a metaphor for the unparalleled joy people with a sweet tooth experience when they chomp on their favourite chocolate bar.

It’s also a warning. Have too much of a good thing, submit to temptation, indulge in too many sugar rushes, and you can kiss your health goodbye.

So what should sugar junkies do if they need a fix, but can’t afford to let sweets pass their lips? Making a visit to a place dedicated to their favourite confectionery might work. Take a look at these “cathedrals of candy”, starting with M&M’s World (as in our technicolour image by Westside Shooter)…



M&M’s World – Las Vegas, Nevada

It seems somehow appropriate that M&M’s located their 28,000 square-foot, four-level showroom in Sin City. With a prime location right on the Strip (where else?), this great monument to gluttony sits between two palaces of that other deadly sin, greed. The variety of M&Ms branded merchandise is mind boggling – kitchenware, clothing, bedding, jewellery, you name it. If you can’t eat it, you might as well wear it.


M&M's World, London

M&M’s World London. Photo by RaSeLaSeD – Il Pinguino


(We couldn’t include M&M’s World without mentioning its newest outlet – in Leicester Square, London. Selling the same range of M&M-branded goods as the Las Vegas outlet, if you don’t want to wear it or sleep on it, you can create your own M&M’s selection from more than 100 choices.)


Jelly Belly

Photo by David Lofink


Jelly Belly factory – Fairfield, California

A 40-minute tour of this working jellybean-making factory halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento, lets visitors in on the “secrets” of why it takes more than a week to make a bean. Much more importantly though, you get to breathe in the delicious aroma of chocolate, peach, cinnamon, pineapple, or whatever is being cooked up that day.


Hershey Chocolate World

Photo by lostinmiami


Hersheypark – Hershey, Pennsylvania

Rollercoasters, water rides, restaurants, hotels and a zoo. Nope, not Disney. This is Hersheypark in Pennsylvania. When it opened more than 100 years ago, the park served as a place for Hershey’s employees to relax, but now it has some 65 rides and 12 roller coasters that help keep sugar-obsessed minds off chocolate for at least a few hours. That is until they hear about the Chocolate Spa.


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Qantas and Emirates enter wide-ranging partnership

Thursday, September 6, 2012
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Qantas Airways and Emirates have entered an extensive partnership that will see the pair collaborate on routes and frequent flyer benefits, with Qantas to…

Qantas and Emirates enter historic partnership

Thursday, September 6, 2012
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Qantas Airways and Emirates have entered an extensive partnership that will see the pair collaborate on routes and frequent flyer benefits, with Qantas to…